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GO. Slay Dragons
Saturday, December 10, 2022 by Brave Knight Writers

Our Brave Knight Writer’s blog is dedicated to those who demonstrate courage in all aspects of life. Spiritual warfare doesn’t take a holiday or weekend, it never rests. This month’s post centers on parents embracing circumstances which fall far outside the realm of their initial hopes and dreams. Commitment and sacrifice can shower unforeseen rewards and benefits onto those who chose the hard path. We have a dear friend who personifies the example of such courage and fortitude. We’ll refer to him by his initials, G.O.

Where do I begin? First let me list the physical challenges of G.O., and mention, he never complains or exhibits anything but gratefulness for his life’s blessings. G.O. has Crohn’s disease, arthritis locks his fingers, he’s experienced kidney failure and joint replacement surgeries. There is a bounce in his step, a constant smile, and his greetings give no indications of his suffering. He’s in his sixties and cares for his forty-something daughter. He serves on several boards and advocates for people with disabilities. He invests in real estate and mentors younger real estate investors. He is a substitute teacher at a trade school. He has designed equipment to aid in the care of the handicapped.

Bottom line, he makes no excuses and lives a full, productive life.

Inspiration comes to mind when I think of G.O. Thoughts of a bad day get crushed. The words he once uttered to a peer says it best. In the breakroom at work a fellow worker sulked and complained about how unfair life was. This man was in perfect health, single, and flopped a million dollars around in the stock market. When G.O. walked into the breakroom, he asked everyone how they were. The sulker blurted out, “Lousy” to which G.O. calmly replied, “I’ll trade you one of my best days, for one of your worst days, any time.” Silence fell on the room; everyone felt the shame press on their shoulders. The sulker slunk away, but everyone felt their own self-pitying ways.

You see, not only does G.O. endure his health issues, but his daughter has cerebral palsy, is confined to a wheelchair, and must use a voice synthesizer to speak. G.O. often speaks of the absolute joy he finds in his daughter, who accompanies him everywhere. They hold inspirational discussions at colleges and high schools, where his daughter jokes and tosses out wit and wisdom. G.O. claims his life and character has been enriched by experiencing life with her. They both love cheering on their favorite football team. Recently, I met them in a sports bar where we watched a Steeler’s game.

 G.O. says when his daughter was born, the doctors recommended letting her die, that she would be a burden, a detraction from a full life. G.O. and his wife agreed with each other, not the medical wisdom. They would commit to her care and center on her functionality. G.O. will tell you, his daughter added more to enriching his life than anyone can comprehend.

G.O. had a son who in his teen years developed encephalitis lethargica, and died from it in his early twenties. G.O. cared for him for 5 years as his son slipped into a catatonic state. Awakenings, starring Robin Williams, highlights the struggles of the disease.

 G.O. exemplifies every quality of a Brave knight, he is the stuff of heroes, and I am blessed to know him and his family. Courage, character, dedication, dignity, and commitment get pumped through his veins by the biggest, most powerful heart I have ever witnessed.

Can anyone question the war on his spirit? The triumph of his victories? His courage is spelled out in caps. Having a bad day? Give my friend G.O. a call, he’ll offer you a trade. The last time G.O. and his daughter were at my house, we were all discussing some of life’s challenges when we suddenly heard his daughter’s voice synthesizer, “Life can be a struggle.”

Have a blessed a day. Try to be a Brave Knight. Slay dragons.

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Jan From North Carolina At 12/11/2022 5:11:33 AM

Well said and so true. I have also been under spiritual attack the last couple of weeks with physical, dental, and cyper problems. After reading this, I am chastised for my whining and complaints. Thanks for sharing. I appreciate the reminder.

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