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William A. Wright (Bill) and Dale Ann Edmiston (Brave Knight Writers) are a husband-and-wife writing team. Bill gets the ideas, discusses them with Dale Ann, and writes up the draft; Dale Ann then works on the content and line edits. Our theme is all about spiritual warfare (hence the brave knights), because our stories feature a character tapping into courage received through God's grace.

Charities we support: Promise of Life Network, Vintage Wings, Inc., and Living Waters

Unless otherwise noted, all Scripture quotations are taken from the Christian Standard Bible, copyright 2017 by Holman Bible Publishers. Used by permission. Christian Standard Bible and CSB are federally registered trademarks of Holman Bible Publishers.

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Above and Beyond: radio silence is a historical fiction account of an airman’s World War II experience. While much focus is given to Generals and those who rise to glory in fierce battles, this story focuses on a select group of airmen.... learn more

Conceived in the distant past, forgotten and overgrown, one might be surprised where a paper alley leads. While the obvious is found on well-worn streets, the truth may lie down a path less traveled. The alley may not look like much ... learn more

An imbalance of energy can wreak havoc in the visible world. So it is with spiritual energies in the invisible provinces. In the eye of a hurricane, there can be peace, even as destruction swirls beyond the eye wall. Only a fool rests in the eye of a storm, for at any time a rogue wave... learn more

Avaliable Now

World War II, Korea, Vietnam. All wars massive in scope change society on the whole and yet really just one life at a time. Some choose their path, while others stumble onto it. All trails lead somewhere, all trials end. Do you know where your trail leads? ... learn more

Through sheer grit, Jim Fisher rose from scrapyard worker to controlling the electrical grid of Pittstown. Endless shifts restoring power after storms and keeping utility workers safe cost him his family and home. The stress of... learn more

Why do we seek to control events in our lives when so much is determined in the spiritual realm? Highlights the power of turning it all over to God. Derived from a journal kept over the course of a year of invasions into an otherwise idyllic lifestyle.... learn more

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A recent event gained me new insights and qualifications. This blog is not intended to bring attention to my situation but rather to everyone’s. It is our nature to go about our daily lives with a feeling of wellbeing, it’s a healthy attitude for our physical existence. Where it all goes awry, we place too much value on our stuff, our importance, and false beliefs. Nothing sorts out reality more than finding yourself crossing over. In my experience, I lost half my blood due to abdominal aneurysms. more

War. What is it good for?

War. What is it good for? On Memorial Day, we attended a parade in a local town. The town happens to be the county seat and the locals turn out in large numbers to remember those who gave all. We need to stay in touch with the sacrifices of those who go into harm’s way and risk everything to stop tyranny. Life is fleeting and fragile, why do politicians create climates of war? Where do the thoughts for such events derive? War exaggerates conditions, reality spins out of control, and heroes wrestle more

A Universe of Music

Music touches the soul. Does it? Why does it? Do we have a soul? Does the soul connect us to something greater than the universe? If you are inclined to follow science, you might want to indulge in the latest breakthroughs in quantum physics. If you are a believer in creation, turn to your Bible. In either case, your journey may very well lead to the same point. This blog is far too short to do much more than inspire you to do more research. Mathematics and music have a close relationship, and to please more