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Arms Upheld
Support in Life's Hard Battles

H. Lynn Pierce 'holds up our arms' like Aaron and Hur did for Moses in Exodus 17. She supports with encouragement, something to think on, and a prayer, to focus on the one who holds all things together--while you continue to fight the battles in your life. In the midst of battle, life can feel overwhelming, challenging, or beyond.


Barren and Beautiful by Deb Hall
By God’s beautiful grace, may the barrenness of your past, or present, become a vibrant future

By God’s beautiful grace, may the barrenness of your past, or present, become a lush and vibrant future, full of peace and joy.


Burning Bellatorum:
The Story of a Forty Million Dollar Fraud and its Priceless Lessons for Investors and Entrepreneurs

100% of the proceeds from the sale of this book go toward investor restitution.


Colonel Mark C. Vlahos, USAF-RET: Leading the Way to Victory
Leading the Way to Victory is the official history of the 60th Troop Carrier Group

Drawing on official United States Army Air Forces microfilm records, operational records in the National Archives, photographs from both collections, published historical materials, and many personal accounts, author Mark C. Vlahos’ expertly written and highly readable volume is certain to become the standard history and go-to reference for the 60th TCG. This work offers scholars and lay readers alike an authoritative, informative, and engaging saga of the Group’s battles, adversity, hardships, and triumphs from inception through the Allied victory in Europe.


Deb Hall's editing website
Tutoring and editing services

Tutoring and editing services


Defect by Jeff Bailey
A nuclear conspiracy thriller novel

A story about the sabotage of an American nuclear power plant


Jan Sady's Poems for all Seasons
A collection of her poems and artwork

Jan's poems, organized by season. Her photography and artwork accompanies them.


Jennifer Fleming Graphic Design
Administrative Assistant (code for "Rip Roaring Graphic Designer Chick"

Cover creator. And so much more!


Julius St. Clair
Fantasy Sagas

Powerful warriors with supernatural abilities that would rival the strength of whole armies. And there is an academy that trains such warriors, forging them out of young, ordinary students and casting them to the cold unknown.


L.K. Hunsaker


Mary's Journey- Letters Home: A Daily Advent Devotional 2021
advent devotional by H. Lynn Pierce

Join Mary on her journey as the events of the first Christmas unfold.


Not on My Watch by Jeff Bailey
Suspense, intrigue, nuclear power

Suspense, intrigue, nuclear conspiracy


Plain Values Magazine

A Magazine on a mission to find Joy in the simple things. RESTORATION. AUTHENTICITY. HOPE.


Becoming the Iceman

For generations, we've been taught to fear the cold... And while there are consequences to extreme cold exposure, with proper training, anyone can thrive in the cold and learn the lessons it has to teach. You may recognize Wim Hof from TV specials or YouTube clips; you might have seen him running barefoot above the Arctic Circle or swimming in ice-cold waters. While performing these incredible feats, Wim remained warm, comfortable, and centered, establishing himself as epitome of what is possible when someone uses the cold as a tool to train their body. Scientists became fascinated with Wim -- was he a genetic anomaly, the proof of evolution, or something else entirely? Well, in fall of 2009, college student Justin Rosales decided to follow in Wim's footsteps to discover if he, too, could conquer the cold. In this dual-perspective autobiography, Justin and Wim's lives intersect as they share their journeys and methods for becoming Icemen-and prove that it's possible for you, too.